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Questions about a bill you received?

If you have an imaging test or procedure at a hospital, it is normal to receive two bills. One bill is from the hospital and is for the technical component of your exam (the equipment and the services of the technologist who administers the exam). The other bill is from IntelliRad Imaging, and this is for the professional component of your exam (the radiologist who evaluates and interprets the images from your exam).

For more information, please visit our billings page.

Are you looking to schedule an imaging study appointment with us?

If you are looking to have an imaging study done, such as a mammogram, CT scan, MRI, xray, or PET scan, please call one of our partner hospitals directly. They will help get you registered for the hospital’s outpatient department. You can find the hospital’s contact information on our Locations page.

Looking to schedule an interventional radiology or neurointerventional surgery procedure with us?

We are happy to accept your referring physician’s or primary care physician’s referral to our clinic to be evaluated by one of our board-certified interventional radiologists or neurointerventional surgeons.
For more information about our clinic, please visit our Clinic page.

Records requests and attorney offices:

Please upload all billing records requests to For more information, please visit our records request page.

IntelliRad Imaging, LLC

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Referrals and clinical inquiries: [email protected]
Office Phone: 305-712-7229
Fax: 305-397-1139
Send us patient documents through our secure portal: 

For contacting individual locations, driving directions, or more information visit our locations page.

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