Clinicians: Referring Patients to Our Office

We are very thankful that you have chosen our group to care for your patients. We know you have many options for interventional radiology and neurointerventional surgery procedures in the greater Miami-Dade and Broward area. We are working diligently to be your favorite place to refer your patients. 

If you ever encounter issues (or compliments), please reach out to our Chief Operating Officer, Jonathan Hernandez, for assistance. 

Our goal is to provide your patient with comprehensive interventional radiology or neurointerventional surgery care. In order to best do that, we ask that all patients (other than extremely urgent cases) come to one of our clinics to discuss their case with one of our clinicians. 

A clinic visit will help educate the patient about their procedure and what the various outcomes may be. This will hopefully lessen their stress on the day of their procedure. 

During this clinic visit, we will:

  • Review the patient’s prior images (from a CD) to determine the best course of treatment
  • Discuss the patient’s history with them and their caregiver
  • Describe the procedure to the patient so they understand what will be happening
  • Obtain consent for the procedure
  • Order lab work
  • Provide clinical reading material about their procedure
  • Answer any questions they may have
  • Discuss a care plan after the procedure

Our office will send our progress note, the radiology report, and applicable pathology reports to your office after the patient’s procedure at one of our partner hospitals. 

Pre-Authorizations and PCP referrals

Historically, our office has not had the staffing capability to obtain our own pre-authorizations for our outpatient procedures. We are now able to obtain our own authorizations, but we always appreciate your office assisting if you are able. We will be happy to provide your office with the CPT codes for each case. We will work on obtaining the authorization after our clinic visit with your patient. 

Sending us referrals and documents:

In order to schedule an appointment for your patient, please send us these documents:

  • Patient demographics
  • Script from referring physician (signed and legible)
  • Referring doctor’s H&P showing medical necessity
  • Radiology reports (if available)
  • Lab results within last 30 days (if available)

We would prefer you send us paperwork either by email to [email protected] or by uploading to our secure portal at 

We would prefer to not receive documents via fax as the fax quality degrades. We are required to fax our booking paperwork to the hospitals. When the hospital receives a fax that has already been faxed once, it often is not legible or readable. 

Our new EHR, eClinicalWorks

In August of 2022, we launched our new electronic health record system, eClinicalWorks (eCW). If your office is also on eCW, then please send messages and referrals through the P2P portal. The zip code our physicians use is 33133.

Location and Physician NPI info:

IntelliRad Imaging, LLC
NPI: 1073859484
EIN: 46-1485841
Phone: 305-712-7229
Fax: 305-397-1139
Email: [email protected]

Interventional RadiologistNPI
Brian Baigorri, MD1003041930
Adam Checkver, MD1699099531
Juan Delgado-Polanco, MD1013459221
Orlando Enrizo, MD1437343464
Roberto I. Fourzali Sabbag, MD1174715858
Eduardo Franca, MD1538125836
Aaron Gold, MD1871025627
Jose Rodriguez, MD1811198963
Kumar Shah, MD1457613952
Julio O. Zayas Colon, MD1720227747
NeuroInterventional SurgeonsNPI
Michael Crimmins, MD1689830564
Jimmy Ghostine, MD1134245210
Abhi Pandhi, MD1730594011
Alejandro Santillan, MD1780027169
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