National Stroke Awareness Month

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke.

May is Stroke Awareness Month. When a stroke happens, every second counts. Recovery outcomes are directly connected to stroke treatment time: the faster a patient is treated, the better their chance of full recovery. Many of the best stroke treatment methods are only available in the first few hours after a stroke begins.

To recognize the warning signs of stroke, remember to BE FAST.

IntelliRad Imaging is proud to employ four neurointerventional surgeons as well as three interventional radiologists who are capable and ready for stroke treatments in patients at our partner hospitals in south Florida. We also have an outpatient clinic where we follow up with our post-discharge stroke patients. In 2023, our surgeons performed more than 150 emergency stroke interventions at our partner hospitals in south Florida.

Check out our website for more information:

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